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Whatsapp Hack Tool Apk About:

  • This article will contain the useful stuff about the most famous and commonly used application known as Whatsapp. Moreover, it also shares the valuable information about the features, tips & tricks and Hack apk of the Whatsapp.
  • Before moving ahead, I would like to ask from the readers that are they heard of the texting, right. Now days, huge number of the people, which are living in different, parts of the world practice text messages, which have only turned 20.
  • Now, come to the main point, have they heard about Whatsapp. Moreover, if they are under 25, then their answer will be almost definitely yes. It is the cross platform cellphone messaging application, which permits the users to exchange different messages without needing to pay for the SMS & has an expected 250 million regular users globally.
  • That is much more than 4 times as many as blackberry messenger & it has the cellphone operators progressively worried, as it works blackberry messenger over data however, on any mobile which is able to run the application including Nokia’s Symbian, Android, Blackberry OS, Windows Phone & Apple’s iOS.
  • In order to communicate with somebody, it is important that both should install the Whatsapp. It is the prospective market of several hundred of the millions of people & even though the firm has not released any kind of formal numbers, it is important and safe to state that it is previously extremely big & expected to become even much more so.
  • Beside all this, it is vital to share that Whatsapp was begun in 2009. The two ex-Yahoo members launched it namely Brain Acton & Jan Koum & currently handles and manages approximately 10bn messages on daily basis.
  • In short, Whatsapp is the free messaging & chatting application, which have nearly conquered & replaced the several local services of messaging in different civilized countries of world. Moreover, Whatsapp have now become the most famous Android application, which is available on the Google play store.
  • Users from different parts of the world have installed and downloaded Whatsapp in their Android tablets and smartphones number of time. Now people are also able to enjoy Whatsapp on their Laptops.
  • The leading difference between Whatsapp messages and text messages is quite clear i.e. Whatsapp permit its users to send huge number of the messages to their friends and family members free. They only have to download it and use the internet connection in order to send free messages.

Features of Whatsapp:

Some of the incredible features of Whatsapp application are as follows:

  • Firstly, it offer the huge ranging support of the cross platform. It is available for window phones, Android, Blackberry, Symbian and iOS. Nevertheless, the application is not unaided in this respect; for example, Kik messenger another famous messaging application is accessible on different platforms such as window phones, android, blackberry, iOS & some Nokia mobile phones.  Thus, Whatsapp messenger has fame and approvals in this regard however, not a gold medal. Yet, most of the messaging applications are confined to few platform generally, window phones, iOS and Android.
  • It is worth stating that Whatsapp messenger has always been truthful about its zero ads policy. Moreover, among its different reasons as mentioned in the firm blog post, at each firm, which sells, advertisements, the greatest portion of their manufacturing team invest their time and day tweaking data mining, upgrading servers, which hold all the important data. Beside this, in writing perfect codes to gather all the personal date of users and ensuring that it is being logged, collated, sliced, packaged and shipped out. Thus, eventually there is a marginally different promoting banner in their user’s browser on even his/her mobile phone screen.
  • Whatsapp has eventually offered a brand new feature namely call back. Now, users are able to get a call back option in Whatsapp messenger. It is vital to remember that feature always appear on screen of the application once the call is dropped. Up until now, call back feature is accessible only in the whatsapp’s android application. Moreover, it has not been turned out through Google play store however, is accessible in the application’s current beta version. Thus, those who are interested are able to manually install and download the application’s apk file from authentic website.
  • Beside this, another useful android only feature is voice mail. It permits the users to easily record their messages by long pressing a mic icon close to the chat box.
  • I want to ask from the readers that are they fed up of chatting on the Whatsapp messenger with similar default technology font. Then, it is worth sharing that firm has inaudibly rolled out the new and best feature to the whatsapp’s android application, which permits users to simply type in the new font. Furthermore, font appears comparable to fixedsys font in windows. Nevertheless, so far it is the only available option. Whereas the new and remarkable font is an ideal and welcome move & feature from Whatsapp, utilizing it might be challenging & even tiresome.
  • Now, users are able to quote the specific conversation in their messaging conversation thus special cheers to the functionality of Whatsapp due to the recently added feature. The famous messaging application turned out an upgrade that brings feature of the message quote. This incredible update permits the users to quote someone’s messages at time of responding. Users only have to choose the message, which they are willing to respond to, succeeding which the reply icon comes up. Afterwards, they have to tap a button, and then type in a reply & simply click on option namely send. After doing so, message is being sent & reply appears in the quotes. It is vital to note that this matchless feature works quite well in-group and one-on-one chats. Users are also able to preview their quoted messages inside the box.
  • Another useful and forthcoming feature in Whatsapp messenger is mentions. This feature would come in handy throughout group conversations & works in the similar manner as mentions always work on Facebook. Moreover, it would reportedly display the name in the distinct colored text. It is important to mention that feature is intended to assist users to grab their attention of the particular user in the group conversations.

Tips & Tricks of Whatsapp

After sharing the useful information about the features of Whatsapp, which are collectively, permit users to have practical, secure and dependable messaging experience. While keeping this in mind, I am going to share the information about the few tips & tricks about the Whatsapp in order to get much more out of it.

  • Firstly, by default this application displays the last seen timestamp thus, telling all other Whatsapp users last time you used Whatsapp messenger. Few of you might willing to disable the timestamp due to privacy reasons. Fortunately, users are able to disable the timestamp on Android and iOS devices.
  • Moreover, Whatsapp makes the programmed backups of user’s chats however; users are able to make the manual backup on their android and iOS devices. There is no other way of restoring the different chats directly from the Whatsapp thus, if users are willing to restore the backup, they are going to have to uninstall & reinstall Whatsapp. Once they start Whatsapp messenger after reinstallation, they must be encouraged to restore their extremely recent backup. Only follow the whole procedure & chats will be back.
  • Are readers willing to speed up their Whatsapp communication? Moreover, what about creating the shortcut to the favorite. On android devices, it is as easy as long pressing on contact on group which users are ready to create the shortcut for. Once the whole menu pop up, only tap on the add conversation shortcut. It will create the shortcut to group or contact users have selected directly on their homescreen.
  • Furthermore, if users have changed their phone numbers however, kept the similar phone still there is no need to reinstall & uninstall Whatsapp messenger merely to change numbers.

Whatsapp Hack APK:

  • There are several different Whatsapp hack Apk tools which are currently approachable. Selecting the suitable software might be time taking and challenging if users are looking for an ideal option when it comes to features and price. When we talk about smartphones, Whatsapp messenger is considered as the best and famous chatting application, which is truly fulfilling the needs of the people, which are living in different parts of the world.
  • Nearly everyone who has the smartphone uses Whatsapp messenger. Moreover, it permits the users to communicate with their friends in an easy way. Checking someone’s mobile phone usage is an extremely sensitive matter & therefore it is vital that users should go with the hack apk, which is truth worthy. Thus, I am going to share the information about the best hack apk tools.

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  • It is considered as 100% unnoticeable application, which permits users to monitor nearly each aspect of the phone. It is extremely easy to use & gives various advanced features such as log keystrokes entered, GPS tracking, Facebook, tracking Whatsapp. The report of each user interaction with phone would be send to reader’s web based account.

Features of MSPY:

  • It is quite easy and simple to install & use
  • Undetectable
  • Highly secure
  • Ideal for all those parents who are not willing to allow their kids to talk to strangers
  • Perfect at monitoring outgoing and incoming messages
  • Gives regular updates
  • It supports different devices such as Mac, IPhone, Android, windows and iPad

Highster Mobile: 

  • It is considered as easy to use and affordable hack apk application for the android device. When installed, the app would log all the activity, which occurs on the device, & send reports straightaway to user’s online account. Moreover, this app is ideal for checking different mobile phone messages.
  • It is worth mentioning that everything related to this hack apk tool is extremely stress free including software installation, pricing, user interface and features.

Features of Highster Mobile:

  • It offers Whatsapp messenger tracking feature. This feature permits users to monitor all the incoming and outgoing Whatsapp messages. Moreover, it occasionally sends different message log to user’s account therefore, permitting them to read all the messages, which might have been removed previously.
  • Highly secure and easy to use
  • Unnoticeable
  • Offer frequent updates


  • It is the upcoming generation cell phone hacking application. This is ideal for checking incoming and outgoing text messages and calls. It has the feature, which permits users to listen outgoing and incoming phone calls. It gives users with the message log of the extremely famous chatting apps for instance text messaging, Facebook and Whatsapp.

Features of SPYERA:

  • Users are able to view the targeted activity of the mobile phone from any device such as tablet, smartphone or even computer.
  • Safe and easy to use and handle
  • Develop by the team of experts

Make sure the victims has a valid WhatsApp account, otherwise this hack will not work!

Enter Victims WhatsApp Phone number.

Choose the Country of the Victim.

Choose type of hacking or choose all. Either images/videos or texts files or choose ALL.

Click “proceed” and verify your campaign.

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  • Overall, it can be said that Whatsapp messenger needs no formal introduction as it is the world’s most famous prompt messaging service & users truly adore it. Beside this, it is available for different devices. It uses the web connection of the mobile phone in order to help the users to call and send messages to their friends and family members free.
  • Moreover, it is particularly famous with end users who never have limitless text messaging. In spite of the basic messaging, it offers location sharing and group chat options. Users of the Whatsapp messenger are able to organize the list of contacts in order to rapidly send messages to their friends and family members.
  • When it comes to Whatsapp hack apk then it is worth stating that selecting the best hack apk is extremely tough. However, after reading the above-mentioned readers will be able to make the sound decision while selecting and buying the best Whatsapp hack apk. The three above-described Whatsapp hack apks have their own features, pros and cons. Thus, it is advisable to do some research before making the final decision in this regard. Stay safe and enjoy.

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